About Faloe Hostel

Logo of Faloe Hostel, new hostel Kota Kinabalu

Naming our hostel is one of the most difficult tasks, but it was one of the most memorable ones as well. Ryan and I wanted a name that will reflect our beliefs! A name that will keep us motivated in the long run. As we aren't as creative as we wish we had, we started off with lots of "fun" names, R&S Backpacker, SR Hostel (Ryan & Sarah, how authentic...)

After lots of unsuccessful attempts, "Follow your beliefs" resonates in us deeply. We started to work around the word "Follow". And eventually Faloe (Fa - lo). This is what it stands for. We believe that we are capable of:

F       Finding a dream

A      Achieve it

L       Love it

O      Own it

E       Embrace it

Faloe, was founded in 2017. It was a big dream come true for Ryan. He has always been interested in hotel management and wanted to pursue a career in after high school. But, he couldn't get parents approval and the college fees were beyond his reach. His dream was put on-hold since.


It was a decade ago when he started to mention it again. Too frequent that I sat him down one day and asked if this is something he wanted to pursue seriously. Knowing that he didn't have a fortune to create something big, I said "Maybe you should start something small now, hostel maybe, and see if this is what you really wish to do." From there, he took off and never look back.

It took us 5 years to finally get it done and running. Why 5 years, you ask? That is another story which I may share when we meet at Faloe. It is still hard to believe that we've come this far.

Meet The Team




Ryan co-founded Faloe with his wife, Sarah. He is from Sarawak, Borneo. He loves to cook, eat and travel.




Sarah is Ryan's partner in crime. She is from Sarawak, Borneo. She loves to eat, swim and travel.




Ivy is a wanderer. She is from Sabah, Borneo. She loves iced coffee and absolutely loves to travel and read.




Vanessa is a daydreamer. She is from Sabah, Borneo. Her interest is vast from local food to reading comics.