Weston River Safari

​Many has come to explore Sabah for its wildlife and Weston Wetland Park is one of the best places to spot wildlife, particularly the famous proboscis monkey. The park also offers a wide array of wildlife silvered langur, birds and many more. The fireflies which light up the trees at night is another spectacular view.

1. What is the main attraction?

Proboscis monkey and fireflies.

2. I will be doing Kinabatangan Safari, should I do this too?

Yes, if you wish to see fireflies. If otherwise, you may save your budget for Kinabatangan river cruise.

3. Can I visit the park on my own?

​Permit to visit is required, therefore traveller needs to book a tour.

4. Itinerary is show as below.

1400 Pick up from Faloe

1530 Stop over at Kampung Lumat

1630 ETA Weston Jetty, light refreshment

1730 Proboscis Monkey River Cruise

1800 Back to jetty for dinner

1900 Firefly river cruise

1940 ETD to Kota Kinabalu

2100 Drop off at Faloe

5. How may I book this tour?

Direct booking is available at Faloe at RM160/pax. Tour inclusive of land transfers, river cruises, light refreshment and dinner.

6. More questions?

Feel free to speak or write to us, we will be happy to help.